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FUMI update

I am now an impulse shopper. I used to try being patient, but I learned that if I didn’t buy something right away, I would obsess about it and even visit it online or in the store and then eventually give in and buy it. That means the time between when I initially wanted to buy it and when I finally bought it was just time wasted when I could have been enjoying what I wanted. Even worse, sometimes I tried to talk myself out of it for so long that by the time I decided to buy it, the size or color I wanted was no longer available. This is my explanation for why, only four short days after my previous post, I ordered a FUMI purse hook/bracelet from Je’Marie. I bought the Confident (black snakeskin pattern):

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Je’Marie PurseHook & FUMI

I admit that I am a germophobe. I’m not to the point where I walk around wearing a hospital mask and gloves all day, but it grosses me out when I see people do things like touch the bottom of their shoes and then touch other stuff without washing their hands. It makes me imagine all the gross things they have walked on (dirt, dog crap, and lord knows what else) and are now spreading all over their staplers and keyboards. Blech!

In that vein, I really do not get how women can put their purses on the ground and then on their car seats, bedspreads, laps, or kitchen counters. I’ve seen women put their purses on the floor in the most disgusting places. Is the floor of a bar or the bathroom at Target something you want to lick or lie on?  If not, why would you put your purse on those surfaces and then put that same purse, which now has gross cooties, on your bed?  Ewwww!

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Hey Lady shoes

When I was between colleges, I worked full time. When I went back to school, I kept working so I could pay the bills. In total, I worked at the same place for five or six years (prior to that, I temped in a bunch of different offices). I worked full time in an office that had a very strict business dress code. I later learned that each of the specific rules had been added each time someone (the same girl) wore something inappropriate. Some examples from the modified dress code:

No spandex.
No visible undergarments.
Necklines may not be more than four inches below the collarbone.
Skirts may not be more than four inches above the knee.
No bare midriffs.

These are all things that a normal person would know, but apparently some people need to be told not to dress like Patty the daytime hooker.

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